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Business Process Automation
  Critical business processes often consume an inordinate amount of administrative time. Manual or semi-automated processes increase the opportunity for error and delay, resulting in additional administrative overhead and lost business opportunities. We can provide automation solutions for a wide array of critical business processes including:
  • New client setup
  • Matter intake
  • Employee provisioning
  • Real time reporting
  • Ethical wall maintenance
Network Security
  A well maintained network security system and associated policies are of paramount importance. Inadequate security can result in costly downtime or even permanent data loss. If client data is compromised, your business could face enormous liability - especially if your client is required to in turn disclose the breach to their customers. We can provide comprehensive security solutions to limit the risks you face.
Strategic Technology Consulting
"Jerry understands the business and process issues associated with managing data in a legal environment like no one else. He's a pleasure to work with, a trusted partner, and an asset to us and our customers."
Integration Appliance
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