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Askew Network Solutions specializes in providing expert data management, application integration and workflow automation for the legal industry. We deliver services and solutions that help firms streamline and automate time consuming manual processes such as matter intake, user provisioning and ethical wall maintenance.

Askew Network Solutions is led by Jerry Askew, a legal technology expert with 17 years of experience in IT, including CIO and IT Director positions in top AmLaw firms. Jerry Askew is a frequent speaker and a published author on topics including user provisioning, network security and open source solutions. Askew Network Solutions has provided services to firms with as few as 40 and as many as 3,000 attorneys.

Our Philosophy

Technology is a means to an end
At Askew Network Solutions, we put our customers first and understand that you do the same. Information Technology is a resource that, when applied effectively, enables your firm to provide excellent service to your existing clients and helps make a compelling case for new business.

We are dedicated to providing practical solutions to our clients that allow them to maximize the success of their organization.

Solutions that survive the test of time
Technologies come and go, but practices should always get better. Your business processes must continue and evolve.  The long term viability of a particular technology is not guaranteed by the size of the company offering it nor the amount of marketing effort expended on it.  At Askew Network Solutions, we are committed to delivering solutions that will evolve as you do, ensuring that your processes endure and mature as technologies change.

Open Minds, Creative Solutions
What works for one firm may not work in another firm.  Some business goals can be achieved by straightforward means.  Other goals require a more thoughtful approach. Variables such as budget, culture, staffing and strategic direction all have a dramatic effect on what constitutes the "right" solution for your firm.  At Askew Network Solutions, no technology or approach is off-limits.  Whether your requirements dictate a solution based on proprietary or open source technologies, commodity or custom developed software or a mixture, our only criteria is that it will make you successful now and in the future.

"Jerry understands the business and process issues associated with managing data in a legal environment like no one else. He's a pleasure to work with, a trusted partner, and an asset to us and our customers."
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