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Askew Network Solutions specializes in providing expert data management, application integration and workflow automation for the legal industry. We deliver services and solutions that help firms streamline and automate time consuming manual processes such as matter intake, user provisioning and ethical wall maintenance.

Askew Network Solutions is led by Jerry Askew, a legal technology expert with 17 years of experience in IT, including CIO and IT Director positions in top AmLaw firms. Jerry Askew is a frequent speaker and a published author on topics including user provisioning, network security and open source solutions. Askew Network Solutions has provided services to firms with as few as 40 and as many as 3,000 attorneys.

Recent Events

Jerry Askew interviewed over virus infected consumer gear

Jerry Askew


Electronic gadgets latest sources of computer viruses

(AP) -- From iPods to navigation systems, some of today's hottest gadgets are landing on store shelves with some unwanted extras from the factory: pre-installed viruses that steal passwords, open doors for hackers and make computers spew spam. Read the whole article here.


Jerry Askew recently spoke at the 2007 ILTA Conference in Orlando, Florida. Read more about his presentations below.



The Battle for Standards Between OOXML and ODF Rages On

August 20, 2007: The ODF standard has garnered wide, international support and received ISO certification. Microsoft has only recently released their conflicting XML standard. Why is this important? Who will prevail? Microsoft has also sponsored an OSS project to facilitate conversion of Office 2007 documents to the ODF standard. Will this resolve the conflict?

Maximizing Your Virtual Machines

August 21, 2007: Faced with the high costs and challenges of implementing and supporting complex server environments, law firms are moving toward VM technology. This technology reduces testing, development and deployment costs, and enhances operational flexibility. Hands-on exercises provide practical experience with virtual computing, virtual networks and optimizing virtual machines.


"Jerry understands the business and process issues associated with managing data in a legal environment like no one else. He's a pleasure to work with, a trusted partner, and an asset to us and our customers."
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